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Fundación En Vía is a non-profit organization located in Oaxaca City, Mexico. We work with women entrepreneurs in six Zapotec communities in the Tlacolula Valley.

En Vía’s tours are an incredible way for people to gain an insider’s view of life in the communities around Oaxaca City, learn about different artisanal trades and traditional foods, and support the local community.

The fee funds interest-free loans and education programs for women borrowers; whilst the tours facilitate social change and cross-cultural exchange by re-directing tourism to the communities that need it most.

Our Mission

To promote the empowerment of women, the well-being of families and the strengthening of communities by providing participatory programs that encourage the growth of income-generating businesses and personal development.

Who We Are

Fundación En Vía is a non-profit organization that works to empower women to better support themselves and their families. We use funds generated through responsible tourism to provide interest-free loans and educational programs to entrepreneurial women in 5 communities in the Tlacolula Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Our History

  • The project started in 2008 with the idea to have a different experience for tourist and bring benefits for communities at the same time.
  • The organization was founded by Carlos Topete (Oaxaca) and Emily Berens (United States) in 2010, as Fundación Emprende, Intercambia y Aprende A. C.
  • We are better known as Fundación En Vía
  • We support communities of Tlacolula Valley
  • We are a small staff and are mostly made up of a big team of volunteers

Last updated: September 17, 2022 · Charity ID: 727

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