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The Puerto Vallarta Men's Chorus started out as a dream... That one day this beautiful town would have it's own gay chorus to represent the huge gay community of Puerto Vallarta. The dream is becoming reality!

Our Mission Statement is to present quality male choral music presented in Spanish and English using the voices and talent of gay Mexicans and ex-patriots to entertain, enlighten, and unify our audience and members while building bridges of greater understanding, acceptance and love between communities, cultures, families, and friends.

Inspired by the concerts and the concept of the Seattle Men's Chorus, a small group of us in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, have formed a gay men's chorus!

This chorus is bi-cultural as well as bi-lingual, a combination of Mexican men and North American ex-patriots. We expect our audience to be local people and tourists of both cultures and our venue will be the new, state of the art 900+ seat Teatro Vallarta.

Our inspiration are the gay men's choruses around the world, and especially the Seattle Men's Chorus.

PVMC will lean on our colleagues in Seattle to help with our first season in regards to music, programming and training voices. We are happy and grateful to Dennis Coleman, director of SMC, for his help and guidance, and we hope that we can host the Seattle chorus in Puerto Vallarta at some point in the future. The photos you see are mostly of the Seattle Men's Chorus.
Puerto Vallarta is a unique Mexican city, a gay mecca much like New York or San Francisco in the 1970's.

The Romantic Zone and Old Town have numerous gay clubs, beaches, spas, tours, hotels and B&B's, but south of the US border in Vallarta and in all of Latin America, organizations like a men's chorus do not exist.

There are Gay pride parades sponsored by the bars in the major Mexican cities, and Mexico City passed a law that legalizes gay marriage, but most of Mexico remains closeted. With the formation of the Puerto Vallarta Men's Chorus, we hope to change things!

How You Can Help Puerto Vallarta Men’s Chorus

The Puerto Vallarta Men's Chorus needs your help with Time, Talent, and Money.

Puerto Vallarta Men's Chorus Wish List:

• Grand Piano
• Digital Keyboard(s)
• Folding chairs for 100 men  
• Tuxedos, new or used  
• Refrigerator (new or used) with freezer  
• Risers for the stage
• Podium
• Substantial music stands
• Large coffee maker
• Venue or Villa for November Gala Auction
• Double-sided copier (for music)
• Auction items for Gala Auction: Restaurant coupon, massage, stay in elegant villa/condo, flowers, fine wine, pet care/item, party for # of people in your home/villa, catering services for party, artwork, boat cruises, electronics (Kindle, IPad), etc.
• Volunteers, volunteers, volunteers! (Check with Joyce,   
• Singers! And more singers!
• Dancers and Musicians
• Stagehands

Volunteer Opportunities:

To volunteer your time, contact Joyce Ericson, Volunteer Coordinator at

Volunteer opportunities for a Men's Chorus are many and varied.  A few examples would be a librarian to keep track of all the music, helpers at our rehearsals to give out name tags, help set up seats, that sort of thing. We need help with the refreshments we will be serving at our rehearsals, a webmaster and email creator, and the list could go on and on. Joyce Ericson our volunteer coordinator has many years of experience working with the Seattle Men's Chorus in volunteer rolls and she will organize this part of the organization.

• Assisting with fundraisers: food, decorations, serving, bartending, set up, clean up, requesting auction donations
• Developing donors
• Planning/assisting with in-house parties such as: after show cast parties, new member parties, beginning/end of season parties
• Rehearsal Snack Team
• Assisting with rehearsal set up and take down (all singers)
• Singers (section leader). Takes attendance, handles section needs/issues
• Costumes
• Sets
• Stage Management
• Office assistance – eg copying music, data entry
• Computer assistance
• In House Newsletter
• Update website
• Bi-lingual skills/translation/interpretation
• Spanish or English teacher
• Concert coordinator
• Advertising coordinator

To request an audition, send a message to We'll send out a form for you to fill out. When we receive it, we'll schedule your audition!


Because we are so new and the start up costs can be substantial, we need your help.

We do not have tax exempt status, nor do we have a PayPal account set up as yet.

We will have a separate bank account for our funds.

For transparency, we will have a page on our website devoted to an accounting of our funds, the donations as well as all the expenses. Your donation can be listed by your name or business name, or it can be anonymous.

Mexican Pesos or dollars are the easiest way for us to handle funds. If you are writing a check, it will have to be made out to Robert A. Bruneau. You'll get a receipt and the donation will be listed on our website.

Last updated: June 21, 2023 · Charity ID: 708

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