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Firefighters Crossing Borders Bahia-Vallarta Region provides assistance to emergency response agencies in Mexico by providing consulting, training, vehicles and equipment to those who request our services.

It is our mission to assist the fire service in the Bahia de Banderas & Puerto Vallarta region of Mexico and to assist in the development of effective Fire, EMS, and Rescue Services for the people of the Bahia and Vallarta region.

We accomplish these goals through consultation, facilitation, and with respect for our cultural and political differences.

We strive to develop local organizational structure with capabilities to continue ongoing effective service.

Our short term plan is to help with equipment and training development while positioning to facilitate organizational change.

We believe that only through helping to build an effective organization, coupled with assistance with developing training, operating guidelines and equipment, these are the keys to effecting long lasting change.

Our partners must be able to maintain their organization, including equipment maintenance and personnel training.

We are working to assist all the departments in the region with training. We do so by helping them identify training needs and working to meet those needs.

We provide training opportunities on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. Our programs are designed and delivered by experienced subject matter experts from US, Canada and Mexico.

We're also working with the regions' Fire Departments to create a Regional Training Officers Association. The object is to have this Association take a leadership role in establishment and expansion of qualified local instructors and provide logistical support for regional training events.

All training conducted by FFCB will be to National Protection Association (NFPA) standards.

Mexico is in the process of adopting a Firefighter I standard, which mirrors the NFPA 1001 standard.

FFCB and local fire service will use IFSTA training materials when available.

About Firefighters Crossing Borders Bahia-Vallarta

Brian Singleton:

He retired in 1998 from Vancouver Fire & Rescue as Assistant Chief after 30 years of service and moved full time to Nuevo Vallarta in 2003.

He began working with Puerto Vallarta and Bahia de Banderas Civil Protection and Bomberos in 2008 and coordinated the First Regional Training Event in 2010.

Brian joined forces with Firefighters Crossing Borders later that year and is the Regional Representative.

He works closely with local community partners and manages program development with Jordan Pollack. He is co-director of the Rotary Fire World Community Service Project and co-founder and manager of WebFire Training LLC, a California based e-learning company which provides OSAH safety courses to hotel workers worldwide.

Jordan Pollack:

Through his work with Firefighters Crossing Borders, Jordan became involved with the Sayulita-San Pancho area.

In the name of a friend who lost his life in 2010 while swimming in the waters off Sayulita, Jordan initiated the development of the Zachary Chambers Foundation, a non-profit group focused on development of emergency services for that remote area.

During the first major lifeguard training mission in 2010, Brian and Jordan met and began working together on a regional level.

Jordan continues to coordinate an annual fire-rescue training symposium in Sinaloa and manages program development in Bahias-Vallarta Region with Brian Singleton.

He serves as fire chief for the Breitenbush Fire Department in Central Oregon and manages a fire training and consulting business.

Our Strategy

Community Partnerships:

The Mexican property tax system doesn't provide adequate funds to properly support the local fire service. The problem is beyond our control to change. Therefore, we must look for other sources of funding.

We can do so by facilitating the formation of community based private-public partnerships that bring together community based business, associations and civil protection to work together on improved emergency services for their community.

Each community partnership conducts fundraising events to support the Purchase Refurbished Equipment and Sponsor Training Events.

Sponsored Training Events:

FFCB will provide subject matter experts to instruct local training events. All community partnerships and local fund raising events will support the instructors travel expenses. Each instructor will donate his or her time.

In addition, FFCB will facilitate the development of local training expertise and adopt NFPA training standards and International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) materials.

Purchase Refurbished Equipment:

With it's industry contacts, FFCB will facilitate the opportunity for Community Partnerships to purchase good refurbished equipment rather than waiting for surplus donated vehicles and equipment that may be of limited value.

Funds to make these purchases will come from Rotary matching grants with US Rotary Clubs and local fund raising efforts.

Your Cash Donations are Greatly Appreciated!

Community Support: Contributing to Firefighters Crossing Borders Bahia - Vallarta Region helps us to provide assistance to emergency response agencies located in this region of Mexico by providing equipment, training and education. It also helps us to build an online community in support of our endeavors.

Region Donations: Please make your Check or Money Order payable to Club Rotario Bahia de Banderas and mail it to our regional address:

Firefighters Crossing Borders Bahia - Vallarta Region
Paseo de las Iguanas 152-A, Dep 311
Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, Mexico C.P. 63732

Last updated: December 5, 2021 · Charity ID: 126

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