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The Jaltemba Foundation develops relationships and resources used to support innovative and visionary projects that make a positive difference in our own Bay Community as well as extending regionally into the state of Nayarit.

We operate with the highest of ethical standards, demonstrate respect for the ideas and opinions offered, while acting as exemplary stewards of the resources entrusted to us.

Our Foundation is a place where donors, both large and small, are of service in creating a positive and lasting impact in areas of greatest need.  The Foundation cultivates and seeds ideas that offer self-sustainable goals and resources.

We are a philanthropic organization that combines the charitable gifts of many to provide leadership and financial leverage in addressing the current and future needs of the Jaltemba Bay community through various grant-making activities designed to improve the lives of our local citizens.

We intend to provide sustainable philanthropy through leadership and problem solving in the present and preparing for the future with a permanent endowment.

It is our intention to improve the lives of the most vulnerable people in our Jaltemba Bay community.  Through our grants, we endeavor to provide on an on-going basis the resources needed to address the most compelling human needs.  By providing a mechanism for charitable giving, we intend to create an opportunity for foreign visitors and local residents to combine their resources in a manner that maximizes the impact on our community.

Through transparency of operations, we strive to gain the trust and respect of the community at large and its individual citizens and to promote sustained philanthropy.

Projects & Funds of the Jaltemba Foundation

The Jaltemba Foundation Long Term Endowment Fund - This fund is potentially the backbone of our Foundation. The principal remains intact in perpetuity. The interest flows into the Jaltemba Foundation Community Service and Development Fund.

The Jaltemba Foundation Community Service and Development Fund - This is our staple fund that receives the interest from the Endowment Fund as well as donations from the public. It will be used for approved community projects and Foundation operations.

Note: We have no paid staff, just a committed group of hard working volunteers.

Designated Funds:

Women for Women - This fund has been created by the ladies of the community that bring us the Annual Fashion Show. These funds are designated for use in the local community for projects that benefit the local women and children. In the past, these funds have purchased prosthesis for breast cancer patients, built a kitchen in a senior center, and supported various issues impacting women in our area.

Park of Angels - This fund was created as a result of Mateja's dream for a community park for kids in Guayabitos. A large donation dedicated to the memory of "Muy Famoso" Robert E. Howell spearheads this project along with the proceeds of the Annual Horseshoe Tournament.

Margarita Challenge Community Fund - This money is 50% of the Annual Margarita Challenge used to buy food and supplies for our local families distributed by a committed group of volunteers. The other 50% is given to Emiliano Elementary School.

La Penita RV Park Fund for Families - This is a fund created by the La Penita RV Park community with funds that are continuously collected at the park each year by committed residents. Individual family needs are met on an as needed basis, this year a young bedridden girl received medical supplies and family assistance. Another woman was able to receive family support and funding for cancer therapy.

Fran Milski Education Fund - A memorial fund in tribute to Fran Milski, a long term resident of the La Penita RV Park, has been created for annual scholarships for kids at Conalep and other higher educational institutions for our local kids. Marks must be presented before grants are awarded.

Last updated: February 21, 2020 · Charity ID: 110

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